G&S Discography Update, v24.0

newlogo2.pngThere is a new G&S Discography update today, version 24.0. The number of pages on the site has reached 600.

There is a new logo (right), replacing the ugly monstrosity with concentric green circles (shown below). There is also a new color scheme, with gentle shades of blue and gray replacing the former mixture of bright blue, bright green, and cornfield yellow.

Incidentally, if you are ever in the market for a logo, I highly recommend logosnap.com. Its  pre-defined templates and a rich graphics library make logo design a snap. I wouldn’t call the Discography’s new logo a great work of art, but from a blank slate I couldn’t have done anything nearly as good.

Old LogoI have received a number of comments about the availability of digital downloads, such as MP3, iTunes, and so forth. This is a dimension not noted on the site, which indicates availability only on tangible media (LPs, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and so forth).

Most recordings issued nowadays are available as digital downloads, and older recordings are added all the time. Just to update the site for what is available today would be a daunting task, and the information would be continuously out of date.

Accordingly, I have decided not to indicate which recordings are available as downloads, if they were also issued in physical form. If a G&S recording is issued only as a download (there are none so far that I am aware of), I will note the fact.

One Response to “G&S Discography Update, v24.0”

  1. Tim Riley Says:

    Much nicer to look at – loud applause!

    By the way, I ran across this document on the LSO’s website which seems to show (compare matrix numbers) that the orchestra for the abridged D’Oyly Carte Yeomen and Gondoliers was the LSO incognito: http://lso.co.uk/downloadables/lumps/upload/472-35.pdf